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It seems this is another push where teachers would not get paid. When there is a cancellation, I lose the expected pay.  During the summer months, that may be as much as 3-400/week.  Like many tutors, my fee includes:  prep time per lesson, (20m- 1h) + travel time, and get paid only for the hours I am present with the student. I also purchase supplies often at cost to me. I cannot afford to work for free. I hope teachers don't buy in to and help perpetuate this problem. I am not disgruntled, I love the work I do; but I am a justice advocate; my hourly fee really doesn't amount to a lot when all the time spent including loss of income when there is a cancellation, is  factored in.

In September I began working with a very special high school student. I was so very pleased to receive these comments from my client: "hey rosemary i am so glad that ive been working with you . your the best your a very nice person . thank you for working with me." And in October, "Thank you so much for helping me with my homework you are the best tutor I ever had I love you so much you are such a good help you are so awesome. Thank you again for always helping me with my homework" I couldn't hope for better words of thanks than these! Thank you too for trusting me to work with you! I am so glad you are enjoying our tutoring time together. I really enjoy working with you too. I will see you soon!

It was Albert Einstein who said in 1932: “I believe the most important mission of the state is to protect the individual and make it possible for him to develop into a creative personality...” More recent visitors to Asia often return feeling as though we, as Americans are falling behind as a society. They are impressed by advances in architecture and technology in what used to be, poorly developed countries by American standards. Advances have been especially contrasting over the past few years and I would propose correspond with the value of cultivating creative problem solving skills. Taking a look at a report generated by UNESCO Regional Conference on Arts Education in Asia from May 2003 we can take a look at how the arts is are emphasized in their curriculum as an important part of solid education. Asian countries, like India, Thailand, Laos, South Korea and the Philippines, tend to request arts education expecting it to play a role in fostering children’s well-balanced... read more

6 of my English as a second Language students were selected for Superior achievement for their progress and effort. They were given a certificate for their merit at a ceremony at Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES. The recipients are: Regina J (Poland), Olga P. (Peru), Rafael A. (Ecuador), Martin D. (Slovakia), Fausto G. (Ecuador), Victor T. (Colombia) Congratulations to them all!

I began working with my 9 year old autistic client in February. Then he only would "Parrot talk" repeating the last couple words I said over and over. When I asked him to draw a person he would draw a small circle inside a larger one and then scribble. In less than a month He was drawing simple cartoon faces. Now he is drawing characters in full figure like Buzz Lightyear. Yesterday we made a life sized tracing of him and he drew in details.

I recently welcomed to my adult English for second language learners 2 students who are from Thailand and one from Japan and another from Italy. Additionally, a student who had gone back to Ecuador for 2 months returned to classes. I really love this class of students who are from all over the world!

What nice things were said today about my teaching. This by a former Principal. "Rosemary was a very dedicated teacher with good moral values and a passion for teaching. She was always prepared for class, punctual, responsible and was able to motivate children to learn. She was also very creative in her approach and the children were drawn to her. I was very fortunate to have her ... in both programs I have supervised. The students and their parents respected her and learned a lot under her leadership. I would highly recommend Rosemary ... She is a team player who sets high standards for herself and is a hard worker. She would be a valuable addition to your program."

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