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This is kind of a bold move for my first blog post, since it could potentially put me out of some tutoring jobs. I didn't become a teacher for the money, though (it's not that kind of job!), so I feel justified sharing some tips with all you parents out there. 1. Hold your students accountable for getting their work done. If the grades are slipping, first things first... are they doing all their homework? Do they know when tests and quizzes are? Are they holding on to important papers? Who knows, this might be all it takes to avoid disaster. Steps should be taken as soon as you sense that there is a problem. 2. Have your student explain their homework to you. One of *the best* study techniques. If you can teach it, you really know it. Have your child explain the steps they're going through and why. If they can't, they are most likely some gaps in their understanding. In that case... 3. Go back over notes. Notes are only as useful as the amount of time spent... read more

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