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Now that the world of photography has gone digital EVERYONE has a camera at their disposal. We have them on our phones, computers, watches and just about everywhere we can imagine. This has brought on an explosion of an interest in photography. Now everyone believes that they are photographers. However, there is more to photography than just taking pictures. If you "point and shoot" and don't put forth any more effort than that into the photograph then you are a "picture taker". One thing to take into consideration before giving yourself the title of "photographer" is to learn about your camera, lighting and composition. If you have just bought a new DSLR the first thing to do is read the manual. Learn about you camera, it's lenses and how they work together. Perhaps buy a book on your specific model of camera. The major books stores have published manuals on each major camera made my Nikon and Cannon. Composition is vitally important... read more

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