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If I had to name one study method that could change your life as a student, I would say, make your own flashcards. As an undergraduate at U.C. Berkeley, flashcards helped me to get As in tough subjects such as Introduction to Physicochemical Biology and Organic Chemistry. I highly recommend this method for students of all grade levels and ages. What are flashcards? They are 3 x 5 (or larger) index cards that have information from the course or subject you are studying. There are several advantages to flashcards over other types of note taking and review: (1) You get instant feedback on what you know and what you don't know. (2) You get instant positive rewards for what you do know. (3) Flashcards, if used correctly, force you to focus on ONE TOPIC AT A TIME. (4) Flashcards can be reviewed anywhere, anytime. (5) Flashcards can be stored and used days, weeks, months or years later. (6) Flashcards are great for vocabulary. (7)... read more

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