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I recently passed the milestone of having had tutored twenty hours or more through WyzAnt. Not only do I now earn an additional 5% from tutoring fees and have a green 20+ hours medallion next to my name on my profile, I have gained the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped students improve their grades and prepare for standardized tests. I passed the twenty hours of tutoring milestone by tutoring three students. I am still tutoring one of these students, a ninth grader, in Geometry, helping him increase his Geometry grade as well as prepare for the New York State Regents. I tutored an eighth grader in Math, English and Chess, up until the time he was to take his state Math and English Language Arts Test. Relying on email rather than tutoring face-to-face, I also helped a seminary student write her first Theology paper. Combined with tutoring through other services and on my own, I have now tutored over eight students ranging in age from seventh grade through graduate... read more

I only recently learned about WyzAnt and my account went active less than a month and a half ago. Since then I have secured two students. I have tutored three times for a total of five and a quarter hours and earned $126 in extra income. More importantly, I have already made a difference in the lives and academic success of my students. Although I am certified in twenty subjects, I am currently tutoring my students, a seventh grader and a ninth grader, in Math. Eventually, I will also tutor the seventh grader in English and Chess. I am restricting myself to students within a mile or so walking distance of my home in order to avoid transportation costs. This limits the number of students I can tutor but allows me to keep more of the tutoring fees I earn. While I would like to add another student or two, for now, I am happy with just the two I am working with. Both of my students are above average. They live in good, stable homes. They need a little more individualized attention... read more

Rocky (not his real name), a freshman in a New York City public High School, received a score of 58 on his last Geometry test before I started tutoring him. On his next test, the first after I tutored him in Geometry for one and three quarter hours, his score was 83, a 25 point increase! The improvement was so significant that Rocky’s teacher wrote an encouraging comment of recognition on the top of Rocky’s test. I do not know who was more proud and satisfied: Rocky, his parents, or me. To what do I attribute the 25-point improvement? During our first tutoring session, Rocky and I reviewed his most recent Geometry work; including teacher handouts, worksheets, and notes he had taken in class. Rocky knew theory but needed more practice applying it. I congratulated and reinforced him when he correctly solved a problem. I also corrected him when he wrongly applied a theory or made a calculation error. During our first tutoring session, I learned that Rocky might be experiencing... read more

After taking pre-calculus and calculus my first year of college, the Professor recruited me my sophomore year to be part of a team of tutors to help students struggling with pre-calculus. That was my first experience tutoring. Although I am not a certified teacher, I have since taught and tutored various subjects, in one way or another, most of my adult life. Through another company, I recently started tutoring high school students in English Language Arts and Math. I enjoyed the students I worked with but company policy limited me to working with each student a maximum of thirty hours. The same company has not been able to provide me with enough students to keep me busy or provide the supplemental income I was hoping to earn. I more recently started tutoring through WyzAnt and just completed my first tutoring session in a student’s home. The student lives a fifteen-minute walk from my home, so it was very convenient. The student is bright and attentive but needs a little... read more

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