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Although I hold an Associate of Arts as well as Associate of Science degree from Cuyahoga Community College and have tutored college chemistry and physics there, I have no degrees, per se, in music. However, I am proficient at sight-reading and have taken music courses at Cleveland Music Settlement as well as Cuyahoga Community College in both guitar and piano. My studies have included the study of Classic Guitar. Over the years, I have observed how the music instructors who taught me, interacted with their students. The approach, I felt, overall, was impersonal and uncreative. I'd come to class. They'd watch me stumble over a guitar piece I was attempting to master, and would look at me and nod. Occasionally, they'd point to a part of the guitar and made some suggestion or other. They were, in a word, "detached". Aloof, inside their little cubicle, and inaccessible to me. Rarely, did any of them perform any initial assessment of what I knew or didn't know about guitar. Consequently,... read more

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