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I'm super exited to report that the Sandoval Elementary School Band is just about ready to perform its annual Spring Concert...what a terrific group of flutists this year. I'm especially proud of my 1 young lady that has stuck it out amidst all the boy flutists...excellent work, all!!! Let's end well this May 14th!!! Miss Rhonda :)

After working with a dozen young flutists at Sandoval Elementary School this past semester, 8 of whom are first time flutists, I am glad to proclaim that we all did it. I'm so very proud of all of the persistence and excitement that was shown by our young musicians, our conductor, and how it all came together with the help of my husband on the snare drum, too. All 50 of us on stage and the audience were glad to celebrate the season together so musically and successfully. I'm looking forward to 2013 and all the progress that is sure to come for the spring concert in May!

A young lady from my theatre group that worked with us in Beauty and the Beast was hesitant about auditioning for a show after being a volunteer for several years and never having made it into a show as an actress, as she so desired. With a little 'coaching' and encouragement, she successfully auditioned, made it into the show and was a smashing success!! Not only was I proud of her but also her confidence grew as she watched herself learn and grow throughout the rehearsals and sold out shows. Now she's anxious to audition for another. I so enjoy watching a fellow actress bloom on stage!

I so enjoyed working with a young lady on her preparation this past summer for an Algebra test from her freshmen year. We even laughed together at some of the 'old school' terminology I learned back in the day and were able to communicate effectively so she felt much more prepared to take her test. It also got me excited about all the great math teachers I've enjoyed throughout my career as a student and it was really satisfying to pass on a positive attitude towards math and help empower another student.

I was truly honored to assist a firefighter this past year in preparing for his test to become a captain! I learned lots of terminology and systematic workings of our 'first responders' and was so impressed and glad I could assist him in preparing to move up the 'ladder' with practice test taking and tips overall! That's what I've truly enjoyed about working as a tutor with WyzAnt...meeting very interesting students where we learn from one another.

I'm glad to report that my 8 young men at school are blooming with energy as they learn to use their breath in a much focused way to make a consistent sound with the flute and it keeps their hands on their flutes and making music! I'm so proud of all these beginners. :)

I'm happily teaching 9 beginning flutists at my goddaughter's school to help out the music teacher and boy, is it great to see all the enthusiasm as they begin their journey in 4th grade as I did, myself. Looking forward to seeing them all soar and sound great! See you all Wednesday. Miss R :)

I must share that by sharing my experiences in life when discussing Romeo & Juliet with my student the other day, it really helped us connect so quickly! My first principal was in my head with that great tip and it was fun to recall that and know that it still works. Literature with real life is sure the best way to learn according to my experience. Enjoy! :)

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