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Students who are afraid of math really freak out when they hear the term Linear equation. Today I'm saying don't be. It's much easier than you think. First, from now on, everytime you hear the term linear equation or even linear, think of a straight line. In fact it is a straight line on a graph. An Equation in linear equation means that Y is equal to X plus or minus or divided by some value. Y = X + 5. That's it. Nothing more. Example 1. Y = X+5, is a linear equation. Don't be scared. To Graph this equation, you give X a value and then you will get Y. X is equal to 2, therefore, Y = 2+5, Y = 7. (2,7) point on the graph X is equal to 8, therefore, Y = 8+5, Y = 13. (8, 13) point on the graph Connect the two points and that's your graph. That's it ... For every value that you pick for X, there will obtain a value for Y. It's actually a POINT on a Grapth. Y is depended on the Value of X. ***** in Linear Equations don't have... read more

A variable in any name (x) that we assign a value to. The name of the variable and its value are store in the memory of the computer. Example 1. F is the name of a variable, 10 is its value, F=10. F is a variable because we can change the value of F at anytime in the program. F = 10+1 =11 ************************* Based on what (value, data) the variable will store, it will be identified as such. F = 10, 10 is a whole number or integer. then F is variable that hold integer. F is identified as an integer. Now we can write: Example 2. int F =10. variable integer F is equal to 10. char F ="Marc." variable Character F is equal to Marc. String F= " Marc is a good tutor." String variable F is equal to Marc is a good tutor. ************************** int, char, String are call identifier because they identify the variable F. They are many identifiers in C++ such as FLOAT, DOUBLE, LONG, *CONST. etc... *exception,... read more

Hello Programmers, For anyone who is interested in programming, where do you start? Well, C++ is a good programing tool. The only thing you need is to download one of the free "C++ compilers" online to run your code. What kind of codes or programms can I write? Well, it's up to you and what you want it to do. It's probably good to start with something easy, and then make one that’s interacting, so you can input data and get cool output. Make an app..! a DataBase, a cool game, etc.. The first Program I’m going to show you is called “Hello Wyzant”. #include iostream using namespace std; void main() { cout << "Welcome to C++ Programming" << endl; cout << "Hello Wyzant!" << endl; } run this program, it should display on your computer the message in blue. Welcome to C++ Programming Hello Wyzant Lesson 1 #include iostream // this... read more

The ability to create an object is one of the most important aspects of object orientated programming. Once an object is created, it then has access to most of the variables and members of that class. Things you should know prior to create an object: A class is a simple representation of a real object. The class will have: Variables - also known as properties, data members or fields. Some of them are Private and some are Public. functions - also known as methods or member functions Please do not be run away, it's just terminology. Say I have a class call tutor // Header file class Tutor { public: tutor() //constructor char tutor_Email; double tutor_fee; char lastname; char firstname; private: float amount_owed; char phone_number; int account_number; }; To create an object, we use the name of the class (tutor) to construct... read more

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