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NOT TRUE! And please don't let anyone convince you for any reason that you can't learn something. Even if your motivation is just to pass a certain math or english test in order to get a job, you CAN learn. Brain research tells us that our brains are still growing well into adulthood and that they are very flexible. That means you can train your brain, just like you can train a muscle to perform. Many adults get frustrated trying to learn something new. That's because you are have become used to problem solving in your grown up years, taking care of family, house, job responsibilities, etc. You are used to making quick decisions and getting results fairly quickly. You have become specialized in the work you do for your job and your family and are just not used to thinking about academic subjects. To a certain extent you have been running on autopilot. And now it's time for you to take over the controls again. Let's say you have a room in your house that you used... read more

I am having great fun teaching ESL to adult students overseas via webcam. What a nice break it is for them to have a one on one conversation with a native English speaker. Today we talked about our earliest childhood memories. Some of my students had scary memories but most had a light in their eyes as they described a warm and tender moment from their youth. It is great fun for me getting to know my students this way! I feel I am making lasting friendships. I recommend using this format for conversational English. You can learn in the comfort of your own home, yet experience real life conversations rather than textbook or audio tape lessons which are boring and repetitive. It's a great way to exchange cultural ideas and make friends! Happy Learning! Cathy L

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