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Tutoring is the love of my life. I've found that without it, I get grumpy. Why do I like it so much? What about it is so transformative? I get to share the fascination of the world with my students. Sometimes I forget just how beautiful and mysterious this world is that we live in. When I have my lessons, I get to remember. It’s pretty common that the work we’re doing reminds me of something awesome, and we take a quick break to marvel at whatever-it-is. Like, we were working on the ACT Science yesterday, and radioactive Uranium came up. Break time! Do you know how the Uranium bomb works? ACT Science again, ultraviolet light. Time to look up UV, bees, and flowers! And again with the International Space Station. Have you seen Wringing out Water on the ISS? Science is so cool :) I get to watch my students become confident and smart right before my eyes. I love giving those little bits of encouragement and watching my students follow that path I’m setting for them in that... read more

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