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There are indeed practices that help in the development of effective study skills: keeping a calendar of assignments; creating a work space; setting a scheduled time; etc. Knowing and implementing some of these practices will certainly set the stage for success. I have found in my work in education that there is another important aspect that can often be overlooked or unexamined and that is the personality and learning style of the individual. Is the learner someone who needs/likes social connection or are they annoyed by it? Does music drown out auditory distractions or become the opportunity for an impromptu karaoke moment? Is sitting for ten minute stretches about the limit or does any interruption completely derail the study process? For me 10-20 minute stretches of concentration need to be interrupted with an intentional break in order for me to continue to be effective. A reward of a quick phone call or email check satisfies my need to connect with others. While I... read more

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