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I have just returned from a trip to Sri Lanka. The photo opportunities were endless and the people so photogenic. I had hoped to stay longer, but life is always calling me to move on to the next adventure. Later this year, after the rainy season has ended, I will be headed for northern Laos. Nathan

This past weekend I was in Pasco photographing the Northwest Alpaca Showcase. This is two 10 hours days shooting (not literally) alpacas and their owners. This is as very photography-aware crowd. They are used to having their pictures taken and can be very picky. This becomes a balancing act for the photographer. Do you show only your best work or do you show everything except your very worst? When working with humans in the studio, where the photographer has control over the environment, it is a good idea to only show your very best shots. Mistakes you made, or shots you missed, are better off being hidden. However, when shooting an event where you might have bad light and in a situation where many things are beyond your control, I take the position that I will show the customer everything except my very worst. Under those circumstances, showing only your very best may mean you have nothing to show to many participants...not a good idea. You need to consider the artistic and... read more

I am photographing an alpaca show on April 2-3 and have lost my assistant. Anyone interested. The event is in Ridgefield, WA at the Clark County Event Center. Be a great chance to get some OJT.

Winter is the season for heading to Skagit County and photographing bald eagles. If you go to the right places you can see 20-30 eagles in the air or in trees at any given time. A couple weekends ago I took my annual trip to the Samish Unit of the Skagit Wildlife Area and the eagles were thick in the air. At one point I counted 50 or more within a couple hundred yards. You will need at least a 200mm lens to get really close up shots, and you can rent lenses at places like Glazer's in Seattle. I had a 300mm 2.8 and a 1.4 TC (effective length = 420mm) and got some great shots.

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