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Brainstorming: Thought patterns and ideas about particular subject. Outline: Organizing and categorizing ideas in order to formulate paragraphs for paper. Rough draft: The beginning of your writing process; organizing, rewriting, rephrasing information from rough draft. Revising and Editing: Proofreading grammar, spelling errors and ensuring paper is formatted correctly. Final Copy: Submission of paper after revising.

Teaching math can be difficult. One method of teaching children to retain concepts is repetition. For example teaching multiplication tables; children must practice everyday. Recommendation: flash cards, drilling, writing down factors and products.

From my experience; working in a classroom setting, individuals/students all learn at different intervals and approach academic material at various levels. My suggestions for kinesthetic,visual and auditory learners: * Kinesthetic learners: Individuals who learn by touch or hands on experience are more likely to retain the information by relating their current skills to the particular subject. Therefore, learning a new concept as they progress along and incorporating prior knowledge into the new activity. This learning style can be cultivated by prior learning and memory. * If an individual is a visual learner, then they should take as many written and mental notes as possible. In order to absorb information, it must be retained in the working/long-term memory, otherwise it will escape an individual. Material that is reviewed using visual effects; in my opinion is best recorded or documented by being put in writing or taped. * Auditory learners: Individuals who learn best... read more

Metacognition is the theory where the progress of learning is monitored. Therefore what has helped your child or you to advance or improve in your studies. Once this skill/tactic is recognized you expand upon it in order to continue to improve in other areas academically. S.H.

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