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I have found that just talking about a subject is not usually enough to really drive the important points home. Anticipating this from my own learning experiences, upon becoming a WyzAnt tutor and prior to my first lesson, I went to Staples and bought a portable white board and a large pack of dry erase markers in various colors. I then went to Michael's and bought a small table to easel. I bring this with me when I tutor if the student is amenable to it, and this is how we go through our material. This way we can color code things, erase them, re-write them, copy them, and critique both the student's work, and my own. It is not only effective, but empowering for the student to be able to take a step back from the white board after working a problem, and see the whole stream of consciousness that they have gone through. I think it puts a lot of the work in perspective. It also allows us to branch off to related or more basic fundamental material that might not have been as solid as... read more

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