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In the last month I received a lot of inquiries about tutoring from students and/or their parents. The majority of them try to send personal information such as cellphone numbers, e-mails and addresses in the first message, but they do not have billing information on file yet. WyzAnt policy does not allow exchange of such information prior to entering a valid payment form, and the server will delete all instances from the message. Please, read entirely the section "HOW IT WORKS" before sending messages to tutors. Below is a paragraph from tutor's How it works section: The Payment Question Inevitably, you’ll encounter students who ask you how to pay for lessons or why they need to put payment information on file before talking on the phone or meeting in person. Here are the main points to keep in mind: Always encourage students to call our office with questions or concerns. Our customer support team is here to help you and your customers,... read more

Hi there, I would like to help with any questions about physics and math. Like with anything in life, practice is essential for any course. So, if you are struggling with science and/or math, do not be discouraged. Just try again and maybe get a tutor's help. We live in a very technological society, thus we should know how devices we use daily work, at least in broad terms.

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