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Sooo.......I'm back to blogging :-)....As I have been running around lately as a chicken with my head cut off due to everything that has been falling on my head (NOT raindrops! ;-)), I have been thinking about how my students feel when they are equally overwhelmed...which led me to analyzing what helps me personally in stressful situations. What I have realized is that whenever I am really stressed out because of looming deadlines, unbearably too many things on my to-do list (I am as type A personality as it gets!), or anything else, I start separating things into two categories -- "my survival and well-being depends on this" -- "my survival and well-being does not depend on this". Such separation helps with the initial screening of what to get to first.....speaking of, baby woke up, gotta run (i.e. prioritize :-)). Will be back soon!

During my long and numerous trips between students' homes, gyms where I meet my clients, and my office, I have been thinking about many different things. The road is monotonous and almost boring; the only thing preventing me from falling asleep behind the wheel is really just thinking. One idea that came to mind is not new in any way, shape, or form. It's merely a reiteration of what everyone understands deep down inside -- and something that I am starting to notice more and more when I teach. No matter what we take as our example of a science phenomenon -- gravity, for example, is the same, no matter what science we use to describe it. More specifically, if we look at gravity from the physical point of view, it's no more than just a force that points down and is "always there" (assuming we are talking about planet Earth). From the math point of view, it's simply something that follows a quadratic equation model. If you know how to solve quadratic equations, you know... read more

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