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As a teacher, if you brag about the success of students, it's usually met with the usual, "That's your job." That being said, remember, baseball is Derek Jeter's job, getting 3,000 hits is something that needs to bragged about. On a smaller scale one of my students passed his GED, the other scored a 5 on his AP US History exam. They are both brilliant students and worked really hard. I am honored to have been able to help achieve such success. 3,000 hits, nope, but helping two students begin their journey to a lifetime of success, even better.

Memorial Day baseball game, I had the luck of sitting next to the bullpen and watching the starting pitcher warm-up, as well as the relief pitchers. I have rarely seen such a positive group of individuals. Every time a pitch came in, went out, warmed-up- there were high-fives and pats (on the um, back). Everyone was congratulated on the job done, not the job that could or should have been done. I hope everyone can benefit from this type of work or learning environment. What could we accomplish with this type of encouragement?

Summer is here! For me that means a chance for to teach without the constraints of school hours. Being an Anthropologist and Archaeologist I have decided to take time and follow my love of people and culture. I am going to start blogging the cultural aspects of living Southern California. With that off to the ballgame. I am starting with the cultural aspects of our great American pastime. PLAY BALL!

In recent years, classroom teachers have had been able to access computers, streaming video, real-time video. I began using the internet during my sophomore year of college, so over the years using this resource has become second nature. What do parents think of students using technology in educational settings? Responses from parents have been more negative than positive. Parents see computer use as a reward for learning, not a means of learning. As I sit and type, I realize that no one taught me how to blog, do online research or pay my bills using only a keyboard. Are pens and pencils becoming obsolete? What do we teach kids in this age of constantly changing technology? Teaching needs to be on top of technology. Comments?

It's getting to be that time of the year. Yes, summer is on the horizon, but I mean Advanced Placement Exams. I am pretty sure are one of the crown jewels of our education system. With one test, you can wipe out an entire college class. What if you don't pass? Still cheaper than taking that class at a University. At the very least you'll be armed with the material. Also note, that High School AP classes are harder than their high education counterparts. With that I pass on my educational pep talk for this final week in April 2011.

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