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If you have not seen the movie Matrix – Please stop reading, go watch the movie and then come back. Your life is incomplete. With that out of the way, let see what we can garner from treasure trove of wisdom that the movie Matrix is. I always tell my students that the student-tutor relationship is kind of like the relation between Morpheus and Neo. Like Morpheus, a tutor has to believe that his student (Neo) is the one (who can Ace the tests with proper guidance). He has to tell Neo about the ins and outs of the Matrix that modern day test taking is. He has to tell him what tricks it contains, how there are agents on every corner (you know the tough questions that every test taker is scared of…) and how Neo need not even dodge bullets once he achieves his full potential. But no matter how much Morpheus believes in Neo, how much Kung- Fu training (ahem….tutoring) he does with Neo – it is Neo who will have to beat the agent (take the test). Morpheus cannot do that for Neo. All... read more

Essay writing is one of the Test Sections which is almost always neglected by students. The irony is that this is the one Test section where a little bit of early work will make a significant difference on test day. Students tend to under-prepare for Essay section because it generally does not add up on the score. Just because Essay scores do not make up part of 800 on GRE or GMAT section does not mean they are any less important. Any time there is a tie between your test score and any other score, guess what will be the tie-breaker?: the essay section. Moreover, a great essay score lets your future school be confident with granting you admissions since they know you are able to coherently put together your thoughts on any topic- which is a big part of getting through higher learning. * Think before you type - Take the first 5 minutes to put down your essay thoughts and plan on scratch paper. This will help you organize your thoughts and you will know... read more

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