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Instead of an online Calendar, I actually use my phone's calendar and memory. Most students I have a weekly set date for tutoring, so it becomes routine at that point. Otherwise I use my phone's calendar which is very convenient in helping me keep tracking of my schedule.

Unfortunately, I am not home until 9pm or later every night, so there is no time for me to provide online tutoring. I'm so busy, I barely have time to eat a descent meal or exercise! Currently I'm tutoring 8 students, taking 3 classes, and working full time. When I'm not doing any of that, I'm traveling from place to place or writing my book. Maybe in the possible future when my time frees up, and I'm home early enough I can provide online tutoring.

I would definitely like to help out in the Free Help Math Section with tutorials, videos, etc. Some students can't afford to pay for tutoring and that's understandable. Why should they suffer in their classes? I like to see students succeed. When I was going to college, I got help along the way from so many people who didn't charge me. And I am so thankful for that. I wouldn't be here without the help from those individuals. Sometimes I get so involved with helping out the students I tutor that I don't even notice the time because I want so hard for them to understand the content. So if we agree to an hour, and I go over say 10 minutes, I don't charge them for that. Why? Because probably it took me about 10 minutes collectively within that hour to figure out how to solve a particular problem, especially if the math is tough like Calculus. Why pinch pennies. Also, helping them has helped me studying for the GRE. Because as I'm teaching them, I'm learning new ways to solve problems and... read more

Yes, I used to tutor online. I worked for a company where students would go online for help and the tutors would sit in the log queue waiting for the students. Once you accept the students request for help, the tutoring session began. We used a chalkboard type system. They system was governed by senior tutor leads who would sit in on a session or even review your session to make sure the students were getting the best help. It was a great opportunity when I first graduated college and got my full time professional job. I could come home at 3pm and sit logged on waiting for students till 8pm. However nowadays, 10 years later, I have more responsibilities as an Engineer and oftentimes work late. I am also much more busier than ever and hardly ever home. I have a full time job as well as a part time job. I'm taking 3 Chinese language classes, one Arabic class, 2 history classes at the local college, and I travel a lot. So I simply don't have the time to sit by a computer and wait. Matter... read more

I totally own an Android. I wouldn't know how I'd get through my day without my Smart phone. Mainly, how would I check my emails to get all my WyzAnt student inquiries? Being able to get back to my students within a decent time is very important to me. Plus I also use my phone to study Mandarin-Chinese. With all the apps, it basically serves as my own personal tutor. My phone currently replaces my IPOD, radio, camera, alarm clock, computer, voice recorder, notepad, flashcards, physical books, maps, calculator, TV, dictionary, encyclopedia, calorie counter, and even serves as my TiVo remote! Oh and for the record, I rarely play games on my phone. My Android Smart phone is much more than that!

I would like an Organizational Calendar but I would not like for the students to be able to freely book a timeslot. Mainly because I currently take an online Chinese class using Skype and that is how we set up our lessons. I can't tell you how many time in one day I change my schedule up to and including an hour before the class starts. This will not be good if the tutor has to travel far to the destination and the student cancels via online at the last minute. There would have to be rules set up for that to work.

A lot of students contact me on their own, so there's no need to go through the jobs section. Plus, most students stay with me for months, so at any given time I am busy tutoring regular students. However if a new student contacts me and needs help, I always make time for them.

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