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Although comedy does not sound as though it should be incorporated into academic lessons, studies point to the contrary. Students not only found college lectures that included comedy (i.e. used intentionally staged jokes) more entertaining, but also performed better in them. I began including jokes in my tutoring routines because I realized that I was not always getting across to students. As a tutor it is really important to make an emotional connection with a student. Having a student "like" you as a person is almost as important as having an effective tutoring style. Including jokes gets you out of the "tutor" zone and into the "friend" zone. Including comedy not only breaks the high stress tension that comes with teaching a subject that a student is struggling in, but it can make learning fun again. Magical things happen when learning becomes fun. Students are not only more receptive to what you teach them, they look forward to the next... read more

- No one bothered to teach you the most important academic skill: How to Learn - Misconceptions about school and learning are probably making school a lot harder than it has to be. 12 Principles of Smart Students 1. Nobody can teach you as well as you can teach yourself 2. Merely listening to your teaches and completing their assignments is never enough 3. Not everything you are assigned to read or asked to do is equally important 4. Grades are just subjective opinions 5. Making mistakes (and occasionally appearing foolish) is the price you pay for learning and improving 6. The point of a question is to get you to think- not simply to answer it 7. Your in school to learn to think for yourself, not to repeat what your textbooks and teachers tell you 8.Subjects do not always seem interesting and relevant, but being actively engaged in learning them is better than being passively bored and not learning them 9. Few things... read more

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