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As of September 30, I finally made the 50 hours milestone with the WyzAnt system! As a tutor and an individual, this is an exciting goal to conquer! I started tutoring with WyzAnt almost exactly one year ago in a completely different situation. I had just graduated with my Masters and was tutoring while looking for full time work in the down-turned economy. At that point I was tutoring 2 clients once a week and met with a third client daily. To be able to tutor and help fellow college students understand Economics, Chemistry, and English better was a rewarding experience that also paid the bills. After going back to working full time, I thought I wouldn’t have the time to take on any new tutoring clients. Now that I’ve been at my job over 6 months, I was surprised to realize I do have time to return to tutoring. More surprisingly, I missed tutoring and looked forward to finding new clients. I pride myself on putting 110% into tutoring each client in a way that best motivates... read more

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