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Summer is a great time to practice Spanish! Students usually have plenty of time to watch Spanish TV, whether it's on the traditional TV or on YouTube, etc. Every time you are in the car, tune in to 95.5 or any other Spanish station, and let the words roll through your head. After a while, you will start to hear and pick out words Remember, Spanish does not have breaks between words. English has was Spanish natives call "hiato"s, which is a break between words. They have to learn this. So you have to learn to listen to someone speak who doesn't use these breaks. It takes a while. Don't give up :) Download to your iPod some Spanish music... my favorites: Juan Luis Guerra, The Gypsy Kings, Ricardo Mantener, Roberto Antonio, and Luis Miguel. Put post-it notes on everything in your house with the Spanish word for it - include the "the" in front of the noun since you will just have to remember which nouns are masculine and which are feminine. What... read more

For online Spanish practice worksheets, go to This is a wonderful tool I use for all of my students. It will help your test taking skills not to mention confidence level. Gracias, Maria

3 must haves: Larousse Standard English-Spanish dictionary, 501 Spanish verbs & on the internet... which is a Spanish-Spanish dictionary.

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