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My mother was a high school teacher. I guess that was the first influence I had in my life about “teaching”. Since I was a kid, I was always helping out grading quizzes, homework and tests. I remember I used to ask my mother why the answer was right or wrong and also I developed a curiosity on why certain students were more capable to learn more than others. I was raised in South America and luckily for me, my mother was an English professor. I think that’s why I starting connecting the dots and liking other languages. The excitement of speaking words with different sounds really drew my attention since I was a kid. It was fun, cool and unique. I didn’t realize at that moment that learning English would have such an impact when I was a grown up. That’s why I tutor Spanish. It is like a retribution for what my mother taught me, not only because of learning a new language itself, but most importantly, just to see the satisfaction and progress a student can enhance in every lesson... read more

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