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I affectionately refer to my tutoring student as "my little boy", when I'm at home--due to confidentiality rules of not disclosing personal info about our student's lives. His mom thinks that this name is "so cute, I like that", she said. (Besides, he reminds me of my two sons when they were each 9 years old and in 4th grade!) This week student A. M. already had his awards displayed on our work table for me to see, the minute I arrived. He had 2 patches from Boy Scouts that he had earned for designing his racing car and for participating and placing in the race, plus the second one was for achieving another group level within his troop-which I can't remember the specific name of. I'll record next time. I then took a few pictures of "my little boy" with his mom and when he was reading his homework chapter story aloud. I also presented him with a scrapbook as a motivational award for all of the studying that he does for his tests and for being so attentive... read more

It seems as though every week my student has something exciting to tell me about his life. He is involved in many extra-curricular activities. He is a Boy Scout, he takes Karate classes, he goes skating on the weekends, he's an inventor, and he is learning to speak Spanish. I'm sure his list goes on and on. This 4th grader is very driven to achieve. He really wants to do his very best in his studies and he puts his best foot forward to complete all of the work that he is assigned. He explained that once he finishes his homework, right after school, that he takes a break to watch a couple of TV shows, eat dinner and then he gets back to his studies-- because he wants to be able to participate in his other activities! Once we finished our tutoring session, he got his his Sign Language work from his book bag and started showing me the lessons he had learned the week before. He is on his way to being a well-rounded, quite intelligent young man. He me told me that he and his classmates... read more

The minute I walked into my student's home, he ran to get his wooden, green race car & beautiful trophy that he had won over the weekend. He placed 2nd out of his entire boy scout troop for having one of the best designed cars & for it's speed in finishing their race. He really talked fast & used correct sentences as he excitedly told me how he had drawn his sleek-looking race car, then explained how he carved it out of a wooden block, put wheels on it and painted it too. He was so over-joyed about his winning. He told me also how he had to measure for the size of the car, write about the steps that he took to make it, & that he had to explain his project in front of the group. His mom was beaming just as much as he was! She is thrilled that he is gaining more confidence in speaking & reading before an audience. She added that her son gave a speech at his church, plus she & other family members couldn't get over the fact that he volunteered to speak "twice"... read more

Day 1-Student's mom had mentioned to me, over the phone, about some of her son's interests. I wanted to know some background info on his likes & dislikes, especially so I could plan some 'ice-breakers' to use & to be able to include some of the info in our "getting to know you" introductory conversation & activities. We worked on comprehending the 5Ws. For homework, I gave student some wrestling cards to read over stats & history of wrestlers, to increase his understanding of the entities involved in detailing a story or an event. His eyes popped wide open and a big smile came over his face! The look in his eyes said to me "how did you know I liked wrestling?" It was as though I were a magician who had just pulled out a set of magic cards! Once he had a chance to catch his breath, student did say "I love wrestling!" I even gave him a large coloring sheet with some martial arts characters on it to color over the weekend and to make up a... read more

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