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I just answered a poll question about whether or not I would use a calendar feature on WyzAnt to schedule lessons with students. Since I've been using WyzAnt for a little over a year (I think about 15 months!), I have gotten used to it the way it is. I have my own calendar where I schedule things, and given that some of my favorite students are fairly loosey-goosey about exact meeting times, I don't think it would be useful to me because I'm often not near a computer between a last minute communication and the new lesson schedule. For me, it would just make me nervous trying to keep both my personal calendar and the website's calendar up to date. Additionally, I have students that I work with for free through a charity organization, so they are not listed on my WyzAnt profile. Other than the fact that I don't get paid, I work with them the same way as my WyzAnt students, so I would not like not being able to add them into my calendar at the same time. What do you all think... read more

Hello everyone! I've recently been noticing how important typing is to my students. Most of my kids have at least one textbook online, and their teachers require most homework to be typed. In this age of Facebook, iChat, tumblr, etc, all of my students are proficient typists. However, they often don't use the "correct" typing hand positions. When I started to learn to type, our school introduced All the Write Type, a typing program that increased WPM, and keyboard covers so that we would learn not to look down while we were typing. This was fine, but then my friends and I started using email and AOL Instant Messenger to communicate, and that's where I really learned to type. I don't think I use all the correct fingers for every key, but I type at 90-100 WPM with little to no errors, so I don't think it matters that much. My students are at the age where they are starting to learn social media, and I don't think their schools use typing programs anymore because they... read more

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