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What motivates YOU? How do you find what motivates you, or your young student, that will help improve performance and better routine study habits? Improving motivation and ambition toward the process called "education" can greatly improve your chances of scoring well in a class or grade level. But finding the inner things that motivate you to do well and try hard can be difficult. Study is somewhat like working out at the gym. You know you should do it, and you want to do it. You know you should stop procrastinating and you will feel better about your performance in the long run. But studying, like working out, can be tedious, tiresome, and boring. One can always think of something else to do, and these distractions, real or created can cause us to fail or not do our best when finally put to the test. Find your motivation, and creating more academic ambition in our lives can be challenging but like working out will help our overall outlook and improve our opportunities... read more

As fall weather sets in, and students go back to school far and wide, the thoughts of grades and completions of grades rarely comes up now. But for students who wish to improve their scores and grades over last year, long term thinking and planning is a must! Perhaps you should hire a tutor early on rather than wait until the student feels "in trouble" with their grades. Don't be tempted to sit back idly and wait for the first grading period to pass before you realize you may need additional help this semester. Don't wait till the last minute to make an investment in yourself or your minor student. Be prepared, plan ahead, and start working on those problem areas and difficult subjects BEFORE you notice your grades slipping downward. Take the early warning signs and act. Help yourself to make the most of education. Tutoring seems like something that should be accomplished during school time to many parents. Still, many students miss parts of the subject matter in... read more

With summer upon us the student and the instructor naturally go a little "brain dead" in the first week or so of summer vacation. Mental overload is a stress-related event that effects everyone from time to time. The natural response is to take a "pause" from mental and physical activity; to rest and relax. But there is a danger in letting the trend to relax go too far into summer break. The brain is a muscle and like all the other muscles needs constant and consistent exercise. Do not fall to the temptation of sitting in front of the TV all summer long. Instead read, do word puzzles, play games, involve yourself in community activities. Keep your mental and physical skills alert and in shape by continuing to use them. Art work, music, writing journals, and other playful mental activities will help the naturally inquiring mind to stay in top shape. Reading is a mental activity that continues to improve your skills and enrich your vocabulary. Some games are... read more

Remember to believe in yourself and do the best you can. Remember to get organized, write notes often, review materials and notes several times, and practice ideas, formulas, and important data you must remember with another person (a study partner). On the day of the test do what you need to in order to reduce anxiety levels in your person; breath deeply, eat and sleep well just before that day, and hydrate or drink lots of water just prior to testing. Small things can make a big difference in your test scores, hence grades. If you have a posture of hurried and frantic activity during or before the test taking then careless mistakes can easily be made. Instead practice calm. Even read through the test entirely before you begin the first answering process. Do whatever you know how to do to slow yourself and thought processes down which helps keep your focus on selecting the "best" answer. Remember to work the problem from a reverse position if you get stumped. What answers... read more

As students approach mid-term with papers and research due, and tests on the immediate horizon it is important to review skills of communication, especially writing. Most of us write things everyday for one purpose or another; a blog, multiple texts, emails, and notes or reports of different kinds. How well we structure and choose words for each written form of communication vastly affects whether the message we send is heard, read, or understood. Most of us could improve our writing, at least a bit. Many of us write things in such a hurry that we forget to re-read and edit our communications for clarity. Writing needs to be clear, concise, and grammatically correct so that our message is heard, and understood. Three tips can help you and your students write better. Here is the quick trip for notching "up" the quality and comprehension of your writing: * Review what you write and edit once or twice before saving or sending. Reading the statement out loud is... read more

Does starting a new school year and adjusting to a new teacher and classmates feel like going to the dentist? Do tests make you sweat, lose sleep, and forget to eat properly? Do you have dread, hesitation, or downright fear about school? Now is the time to turn the page on school, academics, and homework. Today you can learn skills that will make school easier, more fun, and not as frightening. Begin with testing. Do you know over 60% of K-12 students regularly experience test anxiety? Many students believe they will not do well on standardized tests and by thinking such negative thoughts, they also produce negative results. Tests, perhaps are not the most important things we do at school, but certainly do influence our self image, opportunities, and promotions in school. Doing well on tests may seem like something you have little or no control over, but it is not so. So how does the successful student prepare for a test? Tests are something we all must go through. Tests... read more

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