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In December of 2010 I discovered that apps that I develop in 32-bit Excel (in particular Excel 2003, 2007) can be uploaded as .xls files to Google Sheets (of Google Docs) where the formulas and macros may continue to function. I view my uploads by browsing in Internet Explorer to and signing in with my gmail email and by entering my password. Maybe you can access the files that I have marked as public, so I won't have to specify which users or groups can access the files. When I elect to open such a file in my copy of Excel, I am warned that macros can be dangerous, but the file opens and the Auto_Open macro seems to work. I can update the open workbook. When I close it, the updated workbook is saved back to the cloud from which it came. I save a copy to my local hard disk just in case Google Sheets is here today and gone tomorrow. Because some of the Excel features are not supported in Google sheets, keep your uploads to Google Sheets as simple as possible.... read more

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