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Hello Student: The Biology AP examination is serious and difficult. It takes lots of time, study and devotion. Don't waste time trying to memorize it. Spend your time trying to understand it. I studied under the tutelage of Professor Neil Campbell when I was at San Bernardino Valley College and UC Riverside in California. He was a great person - he listened and always helped his students. He was good at managing his time and he was an inspiration for me. His textbook Biology is the most popular biology textbook in the world. It is used by students to study for high school and college biology and the AP. If you can afford the textbook - the latest edition - I recommend that you purchase it - especially if you are going to challenge the Biology AP examination. Here are some other tips: 1. Taking Notes: Keep a spiral wire notebook with lined pages. Date each session. Write the main topic in a question format in red ink. Example: “What is a plasmid... read more

Acinetobacter is a bacteria that was first discovered by the Dutch microbiologist, Martinus Willem Beigerinck. Acinetobacter has become a significant hospital pathogen. In the 1970s it was sensitive to many antibiotics and easy to treat. Now it is classified as a "MDR" or multi drug resistant bacterium. This organism is associated with "hospital acquired" or nosocomial infections. That is - a patient may acquire the organism while being in the hospital. Of note is the Acinetobacter species baumannii which accounts for 80% of all reported Acinetobacter infections. Acinetobacter baumannii is isolated from a variety of infections - burns, respiratory ventilators, and trauma patients to name a few. One of the main reasons that this organism is so successful is it can persist for days on dry surfaces. It can also obtain nutrients from iron. It will stay on the surface of a bed rail or a tabletop until someone touches it and then colonization process begins. When... read more

Most students think biology is a drag. Contrary to everyone's belief, it is fun and meaningful. It takes the expertise of a biology tutor to show you how to easily learn and study this important subject. Understanding biology will help you for the rest of your life. It covers everything from food, hygiene, physical fitness, plants, pollution, medicine and other important areas. Millions of people in the world have no opportunity to learn about biology. They do not have a chance to get an eduction, or have clean water or food or a place to live. You are lucky - you have the opportunity to learn! You will actually feel better about yourself once you study this subject. I welcome all comments. Have a great day!

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