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Maybe the thought of school starting up in a matter of a few weeks does not thrill you. Maybe, like my grandchildren, you are already back in school. I'll bet you are wondering why I suggested that you could get excited as you get prepared. For some, the thoughts of a new backpack, clothes or even a laptop could stir up some real excitement, but let's go a little deeper. Do you remember when you learned to ride a bike? Do you remember how you felt when you rode it for the first time without falling off? That feeling indicated that you had learned something: you achieved something great, new, and yes, exciting! This same feeling of excitement and adrenaline pumping can be yours simply by becoming prepared and organized as you approach your subjects. When you are organized (you have a calendar which shows you you daily classes and homework assignments) and you have all the tools you need (pencils, erasers, protractor, ruler, compass, notebooks, etc.) you can quickly and easily sit... read more

Here we are approaching the middle of the first month of the New Year. How exciting! "Exciting?" you ask. "What is exciting about lessons and homework and studying?" The answer to that is a resounding "EVERYTHING!" That is, of course, if you are approaching your studies in the right way. Getting organized and staying on schedule will take minutes, even hours, off your lesson preparation time. I encourage my students to keep a daily/weekly calendar with the subjects' assignments noted with their due dates. Then I have them allocate a portion of their after school study time to each subject. This method, not only, creates a visible form of the subject assignments, it also encourages consistent attention to the completion of the work. As each assignment is completed, a check mark is entered, or a line drawn through the subject. This is gratifying to the student, and serves as a marker for the parent to see that the assigned work is getting done... read more

As a former professional performer, I know the importance of a confident and appealing presentation. Whether it is performance in the classroom or in a professional setting, speaking clearly, using correct grammar, and sequencing are of utmost importance. As a teacher in private settings for most of my adult life (piano, voice, art, performance), I found it a natural transition to the fields of English, grammar and speech. I have worked with students from the age of 4 to people in their 70's, all wanting to improve their ability to communicate, whether in music, art or the English language. My approach is always to provide a comfortable setting and an element of fun in learning. This is easily achieved by intuiting the comfort level and personality of the student. My first session with a student is largely spent assessing their individual needs and goals. Thereafter, I formulate a lesson plan to give direction to the attainment of these goals. I am comfortable, and enjoy,... read more