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At Fast Track Tutoring we believe that 'the right attitude always determines the rate of our growth'.  If you believe you can learn and grow, you will and vice versa.  We can apply that to school too.  Do you know that Thomas Edison failed so terribly at his attempts to create the "light bulb."  What's more fascinating and heart racing is how he kept working at it, he did succeed. He was determined to win, to accomplish a goal which has been formed in the mind, or heart.    We can fail our way to success. It all starts with having a healthy picture of who we are, being ready to grow, accepting that we are able to grow, and allowing tutorial assistance or other outside resources to help us to get where we want to go.  We also have to be willing to learn from the mistakes of our past learning too. So wake up in the morning with a goal in mind.  Get a visual picture of the... read more

What's stopping you from accomplishing your academic goals? There are so many parents and guardians who stop short of seeking the best tutorial assistance that they need for their homes. One of the number one reasons they don't make the first step of scheduling their first paid tutorial service is that they truly believe they can't afford it. I am reminded of a story that is all to familiar. Often while traveling and working, I routinely see young people who appear to have no real sense of direction for their lives. Many of them seem to be only concerned about their iPhones, Facebook accounts and McDonald's. If you would speak to many of them about what seems to be happening around them (locally or nationally), they don't really have a good grasp of where things are heading in America--as far as education and economics. This is not the case for all youth, but far to many lack the attention and specialized training that one-on-one tutorial services or mentoring could offer. With... read more

Practice makes perfect! Its really true that practice makes for a perfect performance. When you think about your child, you may see a particular positive pattern of thinking. It did not start overnight. Yes, you corrected their improper thinking and behavior, and today they are a walking example of your instruction and guidance. The same principle holds true for achieving academic gains. If we tutor students properly, they will continue to develop into intelligent and informed thinkers. There are certain key principles and "mindsets" which help to produce whole, happy pupils. I will explore one such mindset below. I was recently reading a book about "teaching," and in a particular case study, students made remarkable progress in their studies when their teacher really taught them that "effort equals greater achievement." Given many opportunities to apply effort to several class assignments, the students accepted and believed that "effort... read more

Parents and Caregivers, It is so important that we check on a few big concepts before hiring a math tutor. 1. Does your child understand basic math functions such as addition and subtraction? 2. Does your child understand the relationship of addition to multiplication? 3. Does your child understand how to check basic math function answers, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division? 4. Is there a psychological block that your child may have with a teacher or another student that needs to be addressed through a conference and personal learning plan? These are a few questions to consider before you receive the help of a tutor. First, your child may be enrolled in Algebra I or another subject, but their tutoring may need to be in basic math functions BEFORE you actually get to the actual COURSE WORK that they are currently in. Second, if you haven't personally met with the child's teacher, you will want to rule out any psychological or emotional... read more

It is amazing how a few moments connecting with a student and their parent-guardian can mean so much to the successfulness of a tutoring session. I have watched my students open up like a rose bud: shy, closed, and somewhat unsure. They have since become eager to answer, confident, and full of hope. Yet, I know that they, as well as myself, still have so much more to learn. Still, the excitement and hope that fills the student's eyes encourages me to become better at my craft. I am so grateful to be able to fill a need, to provide a service to families.

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