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Well, isn't this nice? Just as I am getting to know my new city, many of it's nicest people are choosing to try me as their tutor. What a great service WyzAnt supplies! I am full of potential new clients, and I am free to teach in the Learner-Centered, Discovery Model teaching style that I favor. Of course, I can always "teach to the test" if you have an exam you want to get past, but I will try to give you something more than a grade on a test. My hope is to leave you with another brick in your Math foundation. Strangely enough, I have been teaching just long enough to see that these bricks tend to grow like seeds. When you learn on your own, in your style, at your pace, in your language, on your sticks. It sticks and it grows. Your Math foundation grows. Your comfort with Math grows. Your curiosity grows, too. Small Math chores that used to make you mad are now tolerable, or, could it be? Fun. Happy Learning! Douglas W.

Well, my move to San Francisco from Los Angeles is officially complete! By that I mean that we finally got it together to get the cable people to hook up our internet connection, and we don't need to go to the library or buy a cup of $2 coffee every time we want to check our email. I thank the WyzAnt people and my clients for their patience during this transition period. Y'all have shown great restraint. Now you will be asked to endure my quest for free computers. I am typing on a laptop that was old when Edison was still alive. Between the hand-crank and the tube and cast-iron construction, you know, I am really amazed that it is still working. Anyway, it may be a few weeks before I get my Ipad and my Blackberry, so, in advance, I thank you for your patience. It may be a little bit before I have my instantaneous communication system in place. Until then, I will respond as quickly as possible given my current equipment limitations. Hard work is fun, though, right?... read more

Well, well! I have increased my workload again and I love it. My new WyzAnt tutoring is going very well. I especially enjoy the freedom that WyzAnt presents both tutors and students. I seem to work best -- and have the best results with clients -- when we can both very specifically adapt the program to the individual situation. I look forward to posting pertinent items from the web as well as my musings on education. Of course, all client meetings are held in strictest confidence and will never be posted unless agreed upon by all parties. Hard work is fun!

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