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Many students who struggle in math not only struggle with learning the concepts, but also have difficulty learning the language of math, and math definitely is it's own language! When I am working with students, I stress the importance of learning all the new vocabulary in each chapter. One thing I do with the younger age groups is play Math Definition Memory. Much like the match game of Memory, I use flashcards to write a math term on one card and it's definition on another. All cards are then shuffled and placed face down on the table. Each player takes turns trying to match up the math term with it's definition.

When working with K-6 students, I need to find creative ways to make learning fun. Here's one idea for teaching math concepts to children: Math War! Remember the card game War as a child (or maybe you still play it today)? Well, you start by dealing out the 52 cards to both players. Stack your cards face down in a pile in front of you and then each player simultaneously pulls the top card and places it face up. Each player must find the sum, difference, or product of the cards shown, with Jacks being worth 11, Queens worth 12, and Kings worth 13 (For subtraction, take the bigger number minus the smaller number). The player to answer correctly first gets both cards. In the event the same card is played, then you have a Math War! You each pull another card and must correctly answer the sum, difference, etc. of the new cards played. The first person to answer correctly gets all 4 cards. The object of this game is to win all the cards, and to have fun of course!

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