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Many students get confused with the present and present continuous tense. Here is an example of how to use both. I work every day. I am working now. So they both can be used. It depends on what you want to say. The present is used 90% of the time. The reason we use the present continuous infrequently is that it only answers what you are doing now. Remember to use the present with all frequency adverbs and can. I always work on Monday. I usually work on Tuesday. I often work on Saturday. I can't work tomorrow. I never work on Sunday. When someone asks you a question pay attention to what verb they use in the question. Do you work everyday? Yes, I do. I work everyday. Are you working now? No, I am not working now

There is a blog section on my website. This summer while teaching a beginning ESL class for adults, I saw many were working and couldn't come everyday. Since we were reviewing grammar points and conversation questions, I decided to make a blog section on my website (which doesn't appear on google search yet). I projected the website blog lesson with Smart Board technology onto the screen the first 10-15 minutes of class so that the students who had been absent could see what we learned and get the needed practice. This was also a review for the students who were there. Each page has a photo, which I took. I would make a lesson, for example: This, That, These, Those and refer to the photo using sentences and conversation questions. I think it is helpful for the students and I enjoy doing it. Now, I have to think of what to do with Intermediate and Advanced students. Most of the time, I look up materials on line as there are so many good sites to supplement lessons.

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