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Colette N. is correct. Generally, my students come to me at the last minute and we'll study together about 4 hours a week (2 hours each session) and then they study on their own for about 5 to 10 hours (this depends on their comfort level of the information). Length of prep is all relative; if you...


In what terms are refering to the word? If you are refering to meekly and just have it misspelled then it is one who shows no signs of pride or self-assertion.   The boy meekly accepts that his friend takes advantage of him because he has the dominant personality.


The poll was asking who was a certified teacher and I chose "no". While I am not a certified teacher I've been "teaching" for several years. During college I worked as an Academic Manager making sure that our instructors were teaching according to the standards of Kaplan Test Prep. I had to go through rigorous training myself in order to such a task. Also, during college, I... read more