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Since the last month, I have started on-line lessons.  On-line lessons are surprisingly effective and fun.  I am getting good reviews from my students.  Because I am an experience language teacher and I have a variety of teaching materials, my on-line lessons are as effective as in-person tutoring sessions.  Especially in a language learning, conversation via skype is effective.  On-line lessons are very personal and both students and teachers are able to concentrate on each other as well as the subject without interruption.  In addition, on-line lessons are portable.  As long as there are no other people around, students can have a session in a room, outside, or even at a quiet corner of a favorite cafe.     If you are new to the language learning and hesitating to start meeting a new tutor, please try my on-line lessons.  I have 8 basic conversation sessions specially made for people who are totally new to the language and... read more

Dear Students who are new to Japanese and interested in learning Japanese,   I have been tutoring Japanese on-line and my students love it.  My on-line lessons are inexpensive and convenient.  You can learn a lot in 8 basic lessons.  By the end of 8 lessons you can introduce yourself in Japanese.  I would like to promote my on-line lessons to the people who are outside California.  My first lesson is free and you are welcome to contact me.   I will be waiting for you! Sincerely, Izumi 

My lessons are fun. I use Japanese TV dramas, anime, and magazines to design lessons. If you want to see sample lessons, please contact me. I will send a sample lesson in Power Point format to you. Lessons must be fun. When you are motivated, you can learn anything quickly.

For Japanese learners, I want to recommend TV dramas and movies from Japan; however, it's very hard to select a program for lessons. AIBO or Partners is recommended for advanced adult students. Q.E.D. is cute and good for middle and high school students. Both protagonists speak beautiful standard Japanese. Their Japanese sounds great and intelligent. Mr. Ukyo Sugishita, an unusually sensitive and talented detective, has superb vocabulary which is also good for Japanese learners. There is nothing wrong with local accents and slang but they are distracting for foreigners. In my opinion, the concept of Globalization and Internationalization should include the usage of standard Japanese. Be thoughtful, please.

JAPANESE FOR BUSY PEOPLE is a text book that enables busy working people, who are new to Japanese; learn the language easily while having fun. I have started a project for business people. In my new project, adult beginners will be able to introduce themselves and carry a casual conversation in Japanese in 8 lessons. If you need to know the basic Japanese for your business trip, conferences, and presentation starter, please contact me. You will be able to impress your Japanese counterparts!

TOBIRA for advanced high-school and college students and MIEKO-SAN NO NIHONGO for very young students are added to my repertoires. TOBIRA is an intensive text book, therefore, some students have difficulties getting used to it. I have designed supplemental lessons and exercises to improve students' understanding Japanese with TOBIRA. My power point presentations and one-on-one lessons can help students, using TOBIRA, in fast and intensive Japanese classes at school. If you are a TOBIRA student and need help, please contact me before it's too late. MIEKO-SAN NO NIHONGO is a good and easy to learn text book for very young new students, however, it does not come with fun materials such as pictures and activities. I have designed supplemental lessons and materials to make lessons more interesting. If you have a very young student (K-5) who is new to Japanese, please contact me. I can make Japanese lessons his/her favorite subject.

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