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Wow, I just finished tutoring quite a few people for the SAT! They were great students - very hardworking and conscientious. I hope they do well! For high school students preparing for future SATs, here are some things that I recommend: Overall: - Bring a watch! You don't know where you'll be sitting and you don't want to stressing about the time. - Bring layers! Schools have unpredictable temperatures, especially unfamiliar schools. - Can you eliminate one or two choices? Guess! You get one point for every right answer, a negative quarter of a point for every wrong answer, and zero points for skipped questions. - Have a bad section? Do not let that get you down. I cannot stress that enough. One bad section won't ruin your score (unless if you want an 800). Also, most of the time, people overestimate how bad a particular section went and end up doing fine. - Weird, do you notice three C's in a row? Ignore it. Don't base your next answer off of your past answers... read more

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