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This is my very first blog. I have never done a blog before so this is all new to me. I am very excited about getting started as a tutor for WyzAnt. I have an AA degree in education and love teaching elementary grade students. There is just something about small kids that impresses me. They have the desire to learn something new or to learn the way something is done. They are really interested in what I have to say and what they can learn. I try to teach at a level that they will be able to understand and can figure it out and then tell me what it is that they learned. I have been around kids and taught them for a long time. I have about six years experience in teaching children and have loved every minute of it. I work with my 11 year old all the time and she makes all A's and B's. I also teach computer, American History and cooking as well as elementary education. I am certified in all these subjects and would love to be able to teach someone who needs my help. I am really excited... read more

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