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Jean Piaget is a leading theorist in childhood development and his thoughts on the cognitive development stage of middle childhood are worth a closer look. For Piaget, this stage begins at about the age of seven and lasts for approximately five years, During this third stage of cognitive development, after the preoperational stage, he sees an increase of concrete operations where children begin to solve actual, or concrete, problems. Piaget lists five examples of tasks that children can do at a higher level during this stage. They involve space, causality, categorization, conservation, as well as number and mathematics. By space, the meaning is the ability to get from one place to another. The child becomes more familiar of his or her surroundings. Causality involves cause and effect. The child can better understand how things work, and how an action can affect the end result. Categorization includes seriation, or the ability to list objects in a series. A second... read more

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