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Job satisfaction, a worker's sense of achievement and success, is generally perceived to be directly linked to productivity as well as to personal well-being. Job satisfaction implies doing a job one enjoys, doing it well, and being suitably rewarded for one's efforts. Job satisfaction further implies enthusiasm and happiness with one's work. I believe in my trying my best to help my students achieve their goals. There have been times when together, the students, tutors, and parents, together agree on what needs to change over the course of the semester and how that will be implemented. For example, if a student wants that to improve their quiz and test grades to receive an "A", what do they need to change in their methodology before the test day? What needs to be done as a student? What is the tutor's role? The parents' role? To the student: it's your work, your grades, your school. Take it. Own it. Make it yours. Stamp it with your name. Look at example problems,... read more

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