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I've been tutoring with WyzAnt for almost three years, and have enjoyed the teaching and relationships I have had the privilege to build. As most of my students have sought me out for help with reading, writing or ESL, vocabulary is a key part of our studies. Over the past few years, I've developed, borrowed or added to several vocabulary review games and activities. Of course I am always looking for ways to encourage students to continue to use the words that we have been learning, so I welcome any additional ideas. Here are a few that I’ve used... * Keep track of new words by listing them on notecards... sometimes we draw pictures on the notecard and sometimes we write the sentence in which the word was originally used. We also list the definition on the back, which the student defines from context as well as looking it up in the dictionary. Many of our words come from the reading that we do, either from novels or newspaper/magazine articles, though I have also used vocabulary... read more

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