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The WyzAnt poll asking how many hours tutors generally tutor both within and outside WyzAnt showed interesting results. The vast majority of tutors selected between 1 and 5 hours. I spend much more time emailing students than I do actually getting the job. I wonder why? Students are clearly interested and have a need, so why does it seem that so many contacts fail to result in tutoring sessions? I think one reason is the feeling of committing to a tutor. All my students have been fabulous, not one single bad experience through WyzAnt. I wonder though if this is because those students that scheduled time were prepared to commit to learning? Even though I have had several that were one shot deals, as the student was just trying to get over a learning curve, I feel that many are afraid they will get started and not like the tutor, not receive the lessons they hoped or feel they may be committing to a process they are unsure of. I can assure you from my experience, if... read more

Engaging a tutor for lessons means developing a relationship based on trust and open communication. There are two easy steps that will help make the WyzAnt Tutoring session successful. The first step is getting to know your tutor and the second step is developing a relationship where you feel free and comfortable discussing any aspect of the relationship. Both tutors and students should exercise caution at the introductory stage. It is prudent for both the tutor and the student to ask questions. Both parties need to be cautious, yet open when revealing information, yet free enough to assure the other that they are sincere and safe to work with. It can be uncomfortable negotiating with a stranger, so correspond openly via email at first then arrange the first meeting. The best bet is to meet initially in a public place to get to know one another and confirm that the student/tutor match is a good one for both. If for any reason either party does not feel completely comfortable... read more

When the going gets tough, people need tutors. When jobs are scarce and people are feeling pressure on the job, an enhanced or new skill can make the difference between being retained or laid off. Many employers are asking employees to take on new responsibilities as they reduce their workforce in difficult economic times. More responsibility means less time to train and prepare, and that is where I play a role as a WyzAnt tutor. I have the knowledge, time and desire to teach those who want to learn. As a tutor, my schedule is flexible, allowing students to go to school or work and "work in" tutoring sessions. Most employers budget employee training, so present your boss with the skills you wish to learn or improve, show them how it will benefit the company. It is easy to peruse the tutors in their area and find the skill set that perfectly fits their need. Contact is easy, safe and secure and the tutor who is eager to share knowledge is the one that answers... read more

Planning on both the part of the tutor and the student is vital to success for students seeking a tutor in the creative arts. Whether music, art, or creative writing, planning and setting goals is important. With academics such as math, science or history the goals are specific. The student needs to learn something specific or needs help with foundational principles. Tutoring in creative arts is different. Students approach creative tutoring often because they wish to learn, enhance or hone skills. It is important for the student, or parent (if the student is a child), to have a goal. "I want to learn art" is general, but "I love painting and I want to learn to watercolor" is specific. Students may have a desire to learn but little or no talent, or may have a desire to learn with great potential talent. Both student and tutor need to evaluate the student skill level so that lessons will meet the students expectations. The tutor must learn the goals and... read more

I enjoy teaching others and sharing my passion and knowledge for art. Traditional drawing skills are needed to successfully use Adobe Illustrator, but even a novice can master basic drawing in Illustrator. A vector program, Illustrator uses mathematically calculated lines and curves, so a good eye for design will help the new Illustrator user. I look forward to working with more experienced users also; those needing more expertise in the nuances and features of the program. I look forward to sharing my passion for creativity through digital drawing!

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