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I know this sounds kooky, but you're not actually supposed to read each line of the Reading Comprehension test. You're thinking, "What? It's called the READING test!" I will be taking my GRE for entering Graduate School soon, and by the time you read this I will probably have already taken it, and there is NO WAY it is possible to read every line AND have time to answer all the questions. You have to learn HOW to read before you jump right into the text and start reading. What are the questions asking you to find? What is the main idea? What is the purpose of the passage? In other words, WHY is the author writing? To convince the reader, inform the reader, just for fun? You must know what the questions are asking for before you begin to read, and most students don't realize this. They dive into the text, reading ferociously, yet blindly. You wouldn't ever begin a test before knowing what the test is covering. Let me teach your teen HOW to read: effective, quick, and... read more

I cannot stress enough the need for a 24 to 30 hour preparation course for this test. Some of the math problems on this test are problems that your teen has never seen before. This is not the fault of the school system. The SAT writers give problems that look foreign to students, yet only require the students to think out of the box. If they are prepared, they will fly through these odd looking problems. If they are not, they will spend entirely too much time trying to figure out the problem, wasting time when they could be solving much easier problems that are still to be solved. It is such an easy solution: preparation! Without professional preparation for this test, some of the problems look like Chinese. Yet, they don't have to! After some simple explanations and practice, anyone can master these odd looking problems. The SAT writers are making the students think in a way that schools don't usually teach. Patterns, mapping, substituting, POE, and more. It's only a matter of taking... read more

I have been tutoring a client for 6 months now, and she is doing online classes. So, practically I am her homeschool tutor, because she does everything online. This course has been known as a very difficult course, especially doing it on your own as a highschool sophomore. Lalia and I have been working very hard each week, six hours a week, and math has always been difficult for her. After her first semester of geometry with me she succeeded in getting an 87 in the course. Before her final she had a 92, and tests have always made her very nervous, so I was expectant of her final grade. I was so proud when she passed the class with an 87. Before tutoring she was making a 60! Great job, Lalia. I am so proud of your dedication and hard work.

What an amazing feeling when your students succeed! Two of my students got 99's on their tests this week. One was in Spanish and one was in Algebra II. It's only Tuesday, and it's a great start to the week. If you need tutoring, please feel free to contact me. I can't wait to help you get a 99 as well!

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