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How does one define success? Do we measure success solely by a student going from failing to passing, or do we measure it by a student achieving their greatest potential? Both definitions are true. However, in the case of my son, Thomas, success is experiencing a metamorphosis. Through WyzAnt, I found a teacher to provide home-based instruction for my 4 year-old son. I wanted a certified teacher to assist me with my “gifted” child that was already being home-schooled. Thomas was already reading as well as completing basic math problems. This was an intriguing case, as Joseph S. hadn’t worked with many children so young from the “gifted” population, nor had he worked with a student who wasn’t primarily struggling in school. Some may ask, “How is this success story?” The child already is advanced. Thomas is a 4 year-old who could read independently and do basic addition and subtraction. However, 7 months later in March 2012 Thomas can now do multiplication and division as well... read more

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