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In an earlier post we discussed how to overcome sounding strained or scripted when giving a speech. Now we discuss the preparation aspect of public speaking. Some people are gifted enough that they can give an amazing public speech at the drop of a hat and not break a sweat. I do not recommend you try this, because chances are you will wind up stressed and flustered. In preparing a speech you need to focus on the main thing, which is "What point am I trying to get across?" Once you decided on this aspect, then you can build from there to the bullet points pertaining to your main focus. For example, if I want to speak on motivating my employees, this is a very broad topic. How do I want to motivate them? Motivate my employees to do what? Come to work happy? Be more productive? Not fall asleep when I am giving a speech? As you can see there is a lot that can be addressed under this particular subject, so I need to narrow it down. For this example let's... read more

If the thought of public speaking sends you into a fit of nerves and starts a waterfall of sweat, you are not alone. The reality is most people are not comfortable with the idea of having to express their thoughts and ideas in front of total strangers. While in reality the majority of us will never have the need to make a speech in from of an auditorium full of people, most of us will be required to make a presentation for our work, college classes or even a one on one job interview. The first thing we need to remember for public speaking is to not think so much about whether we are interesting or not, but focus more on sounding natural. At times if we try too hard to get all the points of our speech in, in a certain allotted time, we wind up sounding scripted and strained. Learning to relax and having fun with your words can make the biggest difference between a speech that is long and boring, to one that will have them asking for more. In the next post I will go into... read more

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