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Are you interested in learning Spanish but need a more structured course to help you get started? I have a great beginning Spanish curriculum that is ideal for the school-age or adult learner. The focus of the curriculum is to learn the basics to actually communicate in the language. Lessons are fun and are infused with language and culture. Contact me for more information on the classes I offer and how I can cater to your individual learning needs.

Are you an ESL learner who needs help with crafting a solid thesis statement? Please check out this very informative website with useful video explanations that break down what a thesis statement is, what a good thesis statement looks like, and why the United States uses this style of academic writing (linear logic).

La voz pasiva no se utiliza mucho en el español coloquial, pero sí se usa en la escritura. Hay muy buena explicación de la voz pasiva con se en esta página: Esta página también es buena para practicar la voz pasiva con se. Me gusta porque el butón “Speller” tiene dictados, y los dictados te ayudan a desarrollar la destreza auditiva.

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