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I am a vehicle, the means by which my American, english-speaking world will be reached. For those living here with a language barrier, English lessons can open a gate onto the vast sea of communication, culture and understanding. The English tutor is more than a verb conjugating, grammar guru; we're ambassadors, in fact. Every lesson provides a small opportunity for international diplomacy, because after every session, the student will communicate with greater ease and become more comfortable with their life in America. I am proud to be a part of this process. It is quite a rewarding experience to see a student's face brighten and watch them smile with recognition and understanding. All tutors can say they've experienced this, but a language tutor has just made it easier for someone to function in a foreign land, when this happens. It might sound bold to say, but the level of appreciation on the part of the English student is unequaled. Who can describe the feelings of a new mother... read more

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