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Ever wish you could take your side gig and turn it into a fulltime pursuit? That's just what I would do with tutoring because I simply love to tutor, and I am always trying to be better at what I do. Test prep is my tutoring specialty. During our sessions, my students learn subject-specific concepts, incorporate test-taking strategies, and build self-confidence. I assure them that with consistent practice and an unwavering eye on the prize, they can maximize their test results and achieve their academic, business, or personal goals. In fact, students of mine have gone on to attend their choice colleges, earn their teaching licenses, enlist in the US Air Force and other service branches, and pass the bar exam. I so appreciate the extra time my busy clients have taken to express their satisfaction with my services. In return, I want to thank all of my students since 1997 for allowing me to continue tutoring, learning, and enhancing my services to better meet... read more

I would like to share with you, potential and current students, success stories of just a few of my Wyzant test prep students. As you can see, whether you start below or above the average exam score, these stats prove that "where there is a will, there's a way!" Way to go, Students!! "A1" - ACT prep (18 hrs tutoring) ACT composite increased from 19 to 28 (47%), up 17 points (189%) in English! "A2" - ACT prep (20 hrs tutoring) ACT composite increased from 27 to 30 (47%), up 4 points (15%) in English and 4 points (15%) in Science! "F" - ACT prep (8 hrs tutoring) ACT composite increased from 28 to 35 (25%), up 12 points (52%) in English! "H" - ACT prep (10 hrs tutoring) ACT composite increased from 22 to 28 (27%), up 12 points (60%) in Science! "M1" - ACT prep (10 hrs tutoring) ACT composite increased from 18 to 25 (39%), up 9 points (56%) in Math! "M2" - ACT prep (8 hrs tutoring) ACT... read more

You've reserved the exam date, you've made room in your schedule for ACT Test Prep tutoring and focused study, and you've arranged your first tutoring session. So that we make the most of our time together, here are a few tips for a successful tutoring experience. Bring all the recommended materials to each session, including the Real ACT Prep manual, a permitted calculator, and a completed (timed) practice exam (from the manual), as well as a completed (timed) essay. If you have previous exam scores, either from a school practice exam or from an actual ACT exam, bring them along so we can establish a baseline and gauge your progress throughout the program. Following each session, review recommended ACT content, take online practice sets, complete another practice exam and essay, and review exam errors carefully, which is key to improving your scores. Feel free to submit your completed essay to me prior to our next session for a thorough critique. Typically, our tutoring program... read more

I have been tutoring for over 12 years and have coached literally hundreds of students in diverse subjects. Even so, my most meaningful tutoring experience is the one I am enjoying right now, the first tutoring job I secured through WyzAnt. It is my pleasure and good fortune to be tutoring five staff of a manufacturing firm in GED exam preparation. The company owner explained she wanted her staff to achieve their high school diplomas with the goal of enhanced productivity to the firm. However, upon meeting her and discussing a GED tutoring program, I found her to have a great heart for her staff. I sensed that she hoped to help them remove obstacles their circumstances had presented and empower them to achieve their dreams. Each of my students has a unique and poignant story to tell. Four of the students are of the same family – a mother and her three sons, and the fifth a young single mom. They are among the most diligent, focused and goal-oriented students I have tutored,... read more

Do you study for endless hours and still get average grades, or just pass by the skin of your teeth? Or, do you just plain hate to study and can't get motivated no matter how hard you (or your parents) try? Let me tell you, I've been there and I know how disheartening it can be. I routinely received C's, D's, even some F's in my bachelor's program; I hardly dared to plan or even hope for a bountiful future when my grades reflected less than my actual abilities. Now it's so different. I graduated with a 3.9 GPA in my master's program and I just plain love to learn and love school ... now more than ever! I finally learned how to be successful in school, and the steps are really very simple. You too can be on your way to TOP GRADES, so if that's what you're after, just follow these straightforward steps: 1. Diligently record all upcoming assignments, tests, and projects in your planner -- you should have your planner sitting on your desk along with other relevant materials... read more

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