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If you are looking for a qualified MS Access tutor, ask him/her if she can explain the following: What does a relationship consist of in MS Access, what are some examples? What does normalizing a database mean? How does one get at the data and then display it in a form? What type of programming background does the tutor have? What type of programming language does MS Access have? By just asking these questions, you would get an indication of what level of understanding your tutor has and whether or not he/she will meet you needs! J

If you are looking for a tutor with MS Excel real life work experience, ask the tutor for the following information: When was the recent Excel task, he/she has done? What version of MS Excel has he/she worked on recently? How much does he/she use MS Excel on a daily basis? How would he/she split up the following information in Excel? LastName, FirstName, MiddleInitial How would he/she take the example above and place it in individual columns? FirstName MiddleInitial LastName How would he/she take the example above and format it in one cell to FirstName^MiddleInitial^LastName? If the tutor does not give you a one or two sentence answer to this then the individual does not really know MS Excel and you should look to another qualified tutor. You can also reply to this post and see if I can help you as well. Dr. J.

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