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Studying for the GED takes a greater level of committment than those equivalent high school students who are preparing to graduate this year. Why? Because for many having to study for a GED has a stigma associated with it. Perhaps it is that you've failed in a traditional high school setting or perhaps you had to quit school for a legimate reason, like helping out a loved one through an illness, and yet you still have the feeling that somehow you have failed. For many, the feeling is that a traditional high school ranks above a GED. The fact is, however, that in the eyes of business and post-secondary institutions, they are equivalent. While you may not have a cap & gown ceremony when you receive a GED, you nonetheless have had to put forth effort in order to receive a GED. There are a few things I would like to mention for those who are planning to take the GED, 1. There are numerous resources on line, so avail yourself of the many test guides, sample tests and related... read more

Dear Readers, It is good to be back i.e. reactivated at WyzAnt. I have an opportunity to tutor in Astronomy which is great as it is a subject that I majored in at the Undergraduate Level and I enjoy reading what has been going on in Astronomy/ Space Sciences lately. If you need any help with subject area or any others of which I am qualified , please contact me. Regards. Carlton

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