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Many children, like my son, don't have a natural enthusiasm for writing. For years it was a chore to get my son to write anything that wasn't absolutely necessary. Now, at almost 13 years old, my son writes every day. What changed? Do I force him to sit and write daily? No. Does some other teacher or tutor make him write every day? No. Instead, I changed a few of our family habits, and my approach to teaching my son to write. While we have used some specific writing, grammar, and general Language Arts curriculum (he is homeschooled), the most effective things have been the least academic. And, I am not talking about updating a status feed on Facebook, or text messaging... I am talking about creative writing, writing that communicates more than how one is feeling in 160 spaces or less. I'm talking about engaged, innovative, creative writing. Here are my tips and thoughts on helping children to become writers... First, make sure they have the tools to write! As obvious as this... read more

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